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  • Does the CTB organize exams directly for candidates?
    The CTB does not organize examinations directly. For this, we rely on the expertise of the ISTQB® international exam providers. Please contact Brightest ( for more information about exams throughout the English-speaking Caribbean. At the moment, they are the only official ISTQB® exam provider that is using the exams created by the CTB.
  • Can the CTB recommend a training provider from among all accredited training providers?
    The CTB cannot recommend any Accredited Training Provider over any other. All CTB accredited training providers can deliver ISTQB® certification courses for which they are accredited under the same quality conditions. For the full list of CTB Accredited Training Provider, you can visit this portion of our website and choose the one that suits you best.
  • What materials are recommended to prepare for an ISTQB® exam?
    There are several public material recommended by the ISTQB® and the SSTQB that can be downloaded via our website: syllabus, sample exam and the glossary of terms. ​ If you are taking ISTQB® accredited training, you will also receive a set of materials from the provider of your choice, which will accompany the public materials that can be downloaded via our website.
  • Is it necessary to know the entire glossary of terms to prepare for an exam?
    The Glossary of Terms covers the terms for all of the ISTQB® certifications. In each syllabus, key terms are identified at the beginning of each chapter. These will be the most important for the exam associated with this syllabus. However, it is always great to know as much as you can for when you are implementing your skills in your current role.
  • If I want to study, where can I find material?"
    You can find material to prepare for a certification exam in: CTB download area: here you can find the official documentation translated into Spanish by the SSTQB. You also can find contents in English. ISTQB® download area: here you will find the official documentation in English.
  • Can the CTB recommend additional literature?
    The CTB can only recommend the material identified and the bibliography referenced in this material. You can find all official materials listed on the downloads portion of our website.
  • Can any organization deliver a training course corresponding to the ISTQB® syllabus?
    In Spain, the only organizations that the SSTQB has authorized to deliver this type of courses are listed on this website in the training provider page. However, all ISTQB® accredited training providers are able to offer courses on a global scale, provided they are accredted to offer training in the language they wish to offer it. These training providers are staffed by trained personnel and have material that has been proven to meet the ISTQB® syllabus.
  • If I have no testing experience, is the foundation level certification a means to become a professional tester?"
    The certification scheme, in its three branches (Core, Agile and Specialist) and levels (Foundation, Advanced and Expert) provide the necessary resources to face different professional challenges in the area of software testing. If you lack experience, the "Foundation Level Certified Tester" certification will provide you with the necessary knowledge to start your first steps with the right methods and techniques.
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